Top Destinations

The Strip

First time visitors have to check out the Las Vegas Strip. You will find all kinds of shops, attractions, and plenty of interesting people who frequent those areas.

Freemont Street

This is the place to be if you want visual eye candy. It’s a giant hall/hanger with screens for a roof. During special hours the screens are turned on for a show of spectable.

The Bellagio

If you have cash to throw away try your luck in the Ballgio casino.

Strato Tower

If you want a full arial view of Las Vegas, be sure to check out the Stratosphere Tower. There is a fee at the entrance, but a good way to avoid it, is to take a detour around the back and take the back elevator then proceed to take the lift to the upper floors.

Grand Canyon

Okay this is not exactly in Las Vegas, but it’s a few hours drive from the city. You can find plenty of tours in hotels, and hostels for a good price. If you are already in the neighborhood, you must visit!