About Us

Welcome to Las Vegas! If you are here for vacation or a new resident, we have everything you need to get settled. From things to do, general tips and ideas around the beautiful city, we give you the best recommendations.

Las Vegas History

As many of you may know Las Vegas lies in the middle of a desert and was built by visionaries who wanted to build a city out of nothing. In 1905 it was officially founded as a city and from there on it unfolded into the city it is today.

The Las Vegas View

It’s an interesting city mixed with many different environments and sceneries. On one hand you have an sprawling urban environment, and just a few minutes drive from downtown you will find suburbs and smaller villages, and a bit farther than that you are close to the Grand Canyon and the wild nature of the West.

Life in Las Vegas

If you are staying for the short term, it is one heck of a city with many thrills to be had, but you will need a lot of money and cash to have the experience. For long term visitors, Las Vegas is a mix between a surreal dream and reality.

You have thousands of people coming in every day to experience the highs of life while you may be going about your day as if nothing happened. It takes time getting used to, but everyone has a place Las Vegas.