Comparing Las Vegas Alarm Companies

Las Vegas Security Company Review

Searching for a top-tier Las Vegas security company?

There is nothing more important than securing your premises and key assets in the Las Vegas Valley. With the help of a quality security company, it becomes easier to rest at night and sleep peacefully knowing the security system is firing on all cylinders.

So, who should a person trust when it comes to such an important requirement in his/her life?

Here are the leading Las Vegas alarm companies and how they compare to one another.


Strike Smart Home Security is a fairly new company in the Las Vegas Valley but is showing great promise as quickly becoming the go to expert in the Home Security industry.  The owner, Gary Bender, decided to leave his last Alarm company so that he could build a better company than his last one which was lacking in products and services that he wanted to offer.  Strike Smart uses “Safe” Home Security products and services and is a great choice for Home Security Systems in Las Vegas, Nevada.

National Security Alarms

Alarm Company in Las Vegas

This is a pretty good Las Vegas alarm company with its years of expertise, courteous service, and eye for detail.

It’s a specialized company with an excellent understanding of security needs in Las Vegas. With its drive and passion for security, the company can deliver seamless results. Fully customized solutions are on offer for its clients guaranteeing premium results from day one.

The specialists are knowledgeable, friendly, and on top of their game at all times. This is the number one Las Vegas alarm company for a reason.


In The Sky

This is a fantastic company with a unique name that stands out.

Is it worthy of a spot on the list? Yes, it deserves a spot and has a great quality control setup in place to help clients receive world-class results. While it is still learning the ropes of handling security alarms, it is a seasoned team that is great with building security solutions.

In the Sky is heralded for being flexible with its clients and offering affordable rates on a daily basis.

Those who are on a budget and might want a good solution can come to In The Sky without a worry. It doesn’t provide the same value as National Security Alarms, but it is an excellent option that is ahead of the curve in its own right.

Elite A/V

The next addition to this comparison between Las Vegas alarm companies has to be Elite A/V.

It is a common name that is seen around Las Vegas whether it’s through online or offline advertisements. Does it hold up to the standard that has been set by others in the industry? Elite A/V is a good option, but it tends to focus on home automation systems as that’s their specialization.

For those who are looking for wholesome alarms, this might not be the right fit or the “best” fit among the lot.

It is important to understand what a company specializes in before hiring them, and that’s the case with this world-class security company. It packs a punch if you’re looking to get a stable home automation system in place.

Progressive Home

This is another option seen among the various Las Vegas alarm companies.

The company is great and has an incredible team to help clients in the Las Vegas area. However, it does come across as being one of the most expensive options in town, and that can be tough on the wallet. For those who are on a budget, it is not a wise decision to choose Progressive Home.

It is a good team with a solid work ethic, but its price point can be a sticking point that is hard to overlook in the long-term.

These are the top Las Vegas alarm companies at the moment, and it’s important to understand what each one brings to the table before hiring them. This is one of the biggest investments you’re going to make and getting it right is a must.  My recommendation out of all of these companies is National Security Alarms which is the the company I went with and am very happy with their price, customer service, and the system that they have installed for me.