If you would like to visit us, or have questions about membership, introductory flights, or upcoming events, contact Caesar Creek Soaring Club at:

Caesar Creek Soaring Club
5375 Elbon Rd
Box 918
Waynesville, OH 45068

phone: 513.932.7627
email: moc.cscc-raosnull@cscc


Board of Trustees Name Number Type
CCSC President Jim Dudley 513-582-5661 C
CCSC Vice President Mark Schababerle 513-681-3324 H
CCSC Treasurer Rolf Hegele 937-271-5003 C
CCSC Secretary John Dudley 513-314-4823 C
Tow Plane Maintenance Tim Christman 937-475-1445 H
Glider Maintenance Steve Statkus 513-576-9080 H
Director of Facilities Bob Miller 937-882-6012 H
Director of Operations Brian Stoops 937-203-6997 C
Publicity & Social Activities Gary Adams 859-486-5200 C
Key Functional Responsibilities
Chief Flight Instructor Tom McDonald 859-992-6801 C
Chief Tow Pilot Tim Christman 937-475-1445 H
Safety Officer Paul McClaskey 614-245-8129 H
Mentor Coordinator Maury Drummey 513-543-1906 C
Business Manager Noelle Stewart 808-286-2373 C
Frequent Flyer Editor Jim  Dudley 513.-582-5661 C
SSD President John Lubon 513-870-0994 H