2014 Region 6 South

CLASSES: Sports and Club Class

Practice Day:    Sunday, 15 June

Contest Days:  Monday, 16 June through Saturday, 21 June

Registration Fee:  $200 plus $50 per Tow.  $150 Deposit Payable to

“CCSC Contest”, PO Box 918, Waynesville, OH 45068   -  or  -

3150 Clear Springs Rd, Spring Valley, OH 45370

AeroRetrieve Fee:    $100 per Tach Hour (1/2 hour minimum)

On-Site Camping:  $5 per night                  With Electric:   $10 per night

Preferential entry Deadline:  16 April 2014

Maximum Entries:  Around 30

All Contestants must be SSA Members


Contest Manager:    Rolf Hegele,  937-271-5003,   ten.ttanull@cscc6noiger

Contest Director:    Mike Hutchison,  812-343-5630,  ten.knilhtraenull@sraoshctuhm

Contest Scorer:      Poul Pedersen,  ten.esufnull@nesredep_rhyd


Additional Information on the following Pages

Competitor Documents

Contest Schedule