The Caesar Creek Soaring Club (CCSC) is one of the largest and oldest soaring clubs in the United States. As the largest Club east of the Mississippi, we offer the best soaring in Ohio. The purpose of CCSC is to encourage the sport and art of soaring; to host the Region Six South, Wright Memorial, and other soaring contests; and to encourage people of all ages to learn to soar. Call us at 513.YEA.SOAR (513.932.7627) .

The club currently has about 200 members.  It provides flight instruction, club sailplanes for members use, and introduction flights for the general public. The members of Caesar Creek Soaring Club invite you to join us in the experience of pure flight.

CCSC owns eight sailplanes and three tow planes (see Our Fleet page). CCSC is also home to more than 35 privately owned gliders. Members volunteer their time one day a month as instructors, tow pilots and ground handlers for flying on weekends and Wednesdays all year round. As a result CCSC has some of the lowest flight costs in the country.

The club has many cook outs and social events in our clubhouse facility for after-flying events. Camping sites are also available on the field.

If you would like to know more about soaring, why not take an Introductory Flight!


This year Youth Camp will run from July 6 to July 11. We are planning for about 15 youth campers. The preparations are being completed. An immediate objective is to attract 15 youthful aviation enthusiasts. To aid in that activity Steve McManus has prepared an article describing Youth Camp. That article is posted on this website where it will be available to you to share with your children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends. Help the club select the right youth for this very special opportunity. The CCYSA Application Form should be submitted soon to assure your space.


Which way around Atlanta

Which way around Atlanta? … And then where?

You may remember that in November 2012, John Lubon started the idea of flying from Caesar Creek to Blairstown, NJ. Well, he is at it again!

Now he wants to start from Williamsport, Pennsylvania (north central PA) and head southwest. He says, “We launch at official daylight, fly the ridges, and we will be in Knoxville, Tennessee (500 miles away) by noon. We catch thermals the rest of the way. The only decision we have to make is whether to go on the east or west side of the Atlanta, Georgia airspace”. When asked what our destination was John responded, “Wherever we end up. It’s an adventure!” When asked how we are going to get back to our trailers to retrieve the gliders, the response was the typical John Lubon answer, “I don’t know. We’ll worry about that when we see where we end up!”

John is in favor of a more southerly direction into Florida but being from Mississippi I am more in favor of a flight path more to the west. I always wanted to visit where Elvis grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi.

So, get your glider ready and come along. It’s going to be an adventure!


View at Silver Springs

View at Silver Springs

As of now there are six CCSC members planning to go to Minden, Nevada, this summer. Dates and plans are still to be finalized, but it should happen sometime between mid-June and mid-July. If you ever wanted to fly where there is fantastic scenery and great camaraderie just come along. Lake Tahoe is beautiful from the air and so is Yosemite. If you need an adrenalin fix, this trip will do it!
Right now Jim Marks, Jim Price, John Lubon, Joe Simmers, Frank Paynter and Dan Reagan are making plans to go. If you want to join in or just get information contact Dan Reagan for more details or just show up. More details will be available as the date gets near. There should be some 1000 kilometer flights during the trip.
Remember to bring an oxygen bottle!


Frank hands Tom the Wednesday Crew Appreciation Award at this years Award Banquet

Frank hands Tom the Wednesday Crew Appreciation Award at this years Award Banquet

The Wednesday crew started in 1991, the year Bob Root retired. Original members who continue to set the pace: Bob Root, Pat DeNaples, John Antrim, Wally Dieter, Jim Hurst, Bill Maxwell, John Bernieke, Jim Price, Dick Eckles, Tom Bales and Bert Connelly. Original members who are no longer with us include: George Stillwagon, John Bennett, Mel Williams, Andy Anderson, Tom Hollerin and Stu Tresler. The club honored this group for their important contribution and the inspiration they continue to be to other members. On behalf of the entire Wednesday Crew Tom Bales accepted a sculpture which will be on display in the clubhouse. Thank you to all the members of Wednesday Crew.

Tom Bales accepting sculpture from Frank Paynter. Sculpture was awarded to Wednesday Crew for service to CCSC.


Scott Mayer relaxing on the Caesar Creek Soaring Clubhouse DeckCCSC’s newest member of the US Naval Academy is Scott Mayer. This week he received his nomination in a ceremony with Representative John Boehner. Scott is a member of the 4th Sunday Crew. He has been active at CCSC during his high school career, completing his first glider solo at the age of 14 during CCSC Youth Camp. He has progressed through his flight training and was signed off for his check ride at the completion of Youth Camp this year. Scott has also been active in the Civil Air Patrol in West Chester, Ohio. Rich Carraway, one of Scott’s instructors, commented that “Scott’s nomination is very well deserved. He’s a sharp young man and should excel at the Academy. He’s also a competent glider pilot.”

Scott’s mom, Charlotte, expressed appreciation to CCSC members, “CCSC has definitely played a part in Scott’s success which has led him to this moment and we are thankful to all of the mentors at the club who have positively influenced him”.

On behalf of the CCSC Membership, Congratulations Scott, we are proud of you!


Tyler Dockum with Senator Rob Portman at ceremony announcing Tyler's appointment to US Air Force Academy

Tyler Dockum with Senator Rob Portman at ceremony announcing Tyler’s appointment to US Air Force Academy

CCSC’s newest nominee to the US Air Force Academy is Tyler Dockum. In the same ceremony with Scott, Tyler received his nomination to the USAF Academy from Representative John Boehner. He is currently awaiting final word from the Academy. Tyler is also a member of the 4th Sunday Crew.


Two other youth from the 4th Sunday Crew (and CAP) are progressing rapidly toward aviation careers. Jason Young is enrolled at Emery Riddle in Florida on a full scholarship from the USAF ROTC. Adam Wilson has completed basic training and is now in the Blackhawk helicopter maintenance support training program with the Ohio National Guard.  In the spring he will complete his initial training obligations and will be enrolled at Ohio State under a military scholarship. Steve Statkus, Crew Chief for the 4th Sunday Crew, cheerfully brags, “give us every CAP cadet you can find, we’ll do our best to help them on their first steps towards an aviation career.”